No, I’m not using old-fashioned slang. This week has been mostly about Arts Council England, to give them their full title. We’ve finally got the first slug of money for Poetry on Loan’s new funding period – hooray! All my work on the additional queries paid off. That came through on Monday, so I could go ahead and start lots of PoL stuff off; still loads more to do, but at least I’ve made a start.

Also on Monday I finished emailing and writing to all the people with poems in the hospital book. This can be quite difficult, when I find out which of them are no longer with us, and this time there were quite a few of those.

On Tuesday I had a really good session at the hospital with a very interesting chap, and posted my last poem for April – I’ve written one every day, and I’ve written a few more since then, including what I hope will be a new slam poem. I did my end-of-month accounts, and went to see the Avengers movie. It was very long and a bit confusing, if you can’t remember all the previous ones, but good fun.

On Wednesday I did the hospital writeup and sorted out a problem with my printer, and met the new Artlift director, who seems very good indeed, and a nice person too. And I took a whole load of stuff to the charity shop; always an achievement. Most importantly, though, I started the final report for ACE on PoL’s last two years. It’s a really big job, and I did some more on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. I reckon I’m about half-way through now.

I did a lot of cleaning on Thursday and planted 100 bluebell bulbs. My aim is to have my own little bluebell wood at the end of my garden. I nearly got up to date with the emails, too. A friend came to lunch on Friday, and I spent most of the rest of the day on the ACE report.

I had a little adventure on Saturday – a trip to Rye with The Bloke to look at an electric scooter. He’s thinking of buying one, and he took me along because I have a full motorcycle licence and he thought I might look at it in a different way (i.e. not as a boy’s toy). It was great fun to ride, and I hope he gets it, so that I can have a go now and then.

And on Sunday, when most people were enjoying their bank holiday weekend, I spent loads of time on the ACE report. Sigh. Today I’ve done hardly anything, so it’s time to start on the report again now. Not that ace, really.

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