Looking down

… which makes a change for me; usually I’m looking up – but we’ll come to that later. It’s been a good week! I’ve done all the filling on the section of wall whose turn it is this year, and finished the first coat of white paint; very satisfying.

On Monday evening I tried out a new poem and a nearly-new one at Licensed to Rhyme; they went down ok but they were nothing special.

Tuesday morning was fun – working with year 11 students at Newman University, with some workshops to give them a taste of what a creative writing degree might be like. They were full of ideas and did some good writing. More filling and painting, and then emails all evening.

By Wednesday the weather was lovely – wasn’t it? – and I spent most of the day painting, with some prep and some PoL work in the evening. Thursday was much the same, but in the evening I went to see a group of taiko drummers. I like to think I’d be good at taiko drumming, but of course I’d be hopeless, with no sense of rhythm at all. They were great, though.

On Friday I did my accounts, caught up to Thursday’s emails, did some prep for an interview (tomorrow!), and set off for Brighton, with The Bloke. It’s quite a long journey, but at the end was a hotel room with a terrific sea view, and a lovely meal of fish and chips with a bit of fun with the Greek waiters.

I had to get up very early on Saturday, because at 6:30 I joined a group of other idiots who, like me, were going to abseil from the i350 tower. It’s 450 ft high! It wasn’t as scary as I expected, although the moment when your feet leave the platform was one to be remembered. It was actually rather lovely – a slow, quiet descent when all you have to do is look at the view. I even remembered to do my superhero landing. To my amazement, my lovely friends Paul and Ros had got up to come and watch, and we had a coffee with them and caught up. Afterwards, it was lovely just wandering around Brighton, which is one of my favourite places.

I didn’t do much on Sunday – a few emails and a bit more prep, and I wrote a poem. Today I’ve been working with a group in Hereford, who meet without me most of the time, and I’ve done a bit of cementing (up the ladder again) and some more prep.

This evening, though, I went to the local mayor-making. I shouldn’t have done, really; I get a bit angry seeing people all dressed up in robes and bling, but then they were obviously enjoying it. I shouldn’t look down on them.

Wish me luck for the interview!


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