Some you win…

…and some you don’t, but if you’re lucky it doesn’t matter either way. I had a delightful interview on Tuesday, at some big National Trust gardens. We went round the gardens in a buggy, stopping here and there to look at things and to ask questions, and generally I had a lovely morning. I didn’t get the job, though; apparently I came “an incredibly close second”. Ah well – it just means I’ll have more time to carry on painting my house, gardening, clearing stuff out and so on, so not all bad – although the work would have been right up my street. I did a lot of Poetry on Loan stuff when I got home, and in the evening saw John Wick, which was terrible and a complete waste of time.

On Wednesday I caught up (nearly) with emails and admin, and started the second coat of white paint on my front wall. It’s finished now, and I’ve begun painting the black beams, but that takes a long time. I planted lots of plants – and found that a poem I submitted to a magazine has been accepted. Hooray!

Thursday was painting and filling and planting and emails, and the bad news about the job; and a tryout for some newish poems in the evening at a gig in Worcester. They both went down well. But my poor little cat wasn’t well at all, and I had to take her to the vet; she’s right as rain now, thank you for asking.

I had an excellent session at the hospital on Friday, and did my accounts, and proof-read some Poetry on Loan posters. Different poets have very different ideas about punctuation in poems, and I have to grit my teeth and accept what they want, when I really want to change it all…

By Saturday I had completely caught up with my emails (hooray!) although there’s a big pile of snail mail waiting to be dealt with. I started work on the book of pieces from my recent Artlift group; it’s going to take a long time, I think. Over the weekend I’ve made some changes to a slam poem, to make it a bit more topical, and spent some time with The Son, and been to the Winchcombe Street Fair, and tried hard not to think too much about the EU election results. Some you win, and some everybody loses.

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