How old?

As my reader knows, I run every day except Sundays and go to weekly Pilates sessions. I’m really quite fit, and I’m very rarely ill. This week it was my birthday, and now I’m 67. I really didn’t think it would make much difference…

But I need to renew my annual travel insurance. I’ve been with Trailfinders, and they’ve been good; last year the cost was £150. This year the quote was £395 – so that’s nearly three times as much, just because I’m a bit older. I’ve had a look round, and I can still get insurance for just a bit more than it was last year, but I have to say that this came as a bit of a shock.

Meanwhile I’ve been doing all the usual things – going up a ladder to paint the outside of my house, gardening, running (of course). I had a good session at the hospital on Tuesday and answered emails.

On my actual birthday – well, The Bloke has bought himself an electric scooter (a Lambretta-type scooter, not the sort you push along with one foot) and it arrived on Wednesday. He had to put L plates on before he could ride it, but as I’ve had a motorcycle licence since I was 16 I could just get on it and ride… which I did, in the rain. It’s great fun – really zippy. In the evening we had a meal and went to see a film – Rocketman, which was ok but nowhere near as good as the recent Queen film.

Thursday was painting and gardening and clearing stuff, and some Poetry on Loan work – a lot more of that on Friday, when I also did my end-of-month accounts and also caught up with all the emails.

On Saturday I did an interview with BBC Radio Gloucestershire, about the search for the new Gloucestershire Poet Laureate; it came over ok, apparently. In the afternoon we went for a bike ride, and Sunday we played with the new scooter. Nothing like a bit of adrenaline, especially when you’re so old that insurance companies think twice.


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