Beating the weather

Well, at least I beat something this week. I finished painting all the black beams on the front of my house, which I enjoy a lot, because of the Zen-like state required to do it properly, and I painted the window frame as well, all before it started raining. Lots of gardening and lawn mowing too! I spit in the face of rain.

Apart from all the outdoor stuff, I kept up-to-date with emails, which is a bit of a miracle, although things are quite quiet at the moment. On Tuesday evening I saw The secret life of pets 2, which was most enjoyable, and heard that ACE have granted the final payment for Poetry on Loan for 2017 – 2019. I don’t know what we would have done if they’d said no, but at least all the work on the final report paid off.

Lots of PoL work on Wednesday, and in the evening I was in the Hammer & Tongue Bristol regional final. I didn’t do very well; it was one of those occasions when loads of people in the audience said that they really liked my poem and I should have gone through, but it wasn’t to the judges’ taste. Never mind. Ten years ago I’d have been really upset, but now it doesn’t matter so much.

Thursday was all outdoors stuff and emails, but on Friday I had a terrific session at the hospital. It’s occasions like this that make me realise again that the work I do there is really worthwhile. Over the weekend I had a scooter ride and a bike ride and a walk round the Tewkesbury Nature Reserve, which could really do with a lion or a crocodile or two – and I did some more work on the Artlift book. This is taking ages, but then I knew it would. And at least I don’t need good weather to get it done.

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