Just an average summer week

I’ve deliberately tried to clear the decks of work for the summer, so theoretically I should get a lot of other stuff done. But actually the days just seem to bumble themselves away with bits of this and bits of that – I’m sure you’ve been there, dear reader.

On Monday The Son came home for a bit, which is always good fun, and I did some weeding and some Poetry on Loan work. Hospital session on Tuesday, which was ok, and I nearly caught up with the emails. TADS meeting in the evening, but even that was very quiet.

On Wednesday I did a lot more gardening and a lot of prep for a workshop I’m running this evening, and saw Late night, which had a brilliant performance by Emma Thompson but was a bit schmaltzy at the end.

Loads of emails on Thursday – I caught up! – plus a trip to my funny dentist for a couple of fillings. In the evening I dropped a brand new jar of honey on my tiled kitchen floor. A smashed jar of honey spreads a long, long way before you can start to clear it up. And on Friday, I took my car in for an MOT (it passed), did my finances, prepared for a Poetry on Loan meeting, did lots of prep for events that I’m managing at Ledbury Poetry Festival, and had a long call from The Daughter.

On Saturday, I helped The Bloke and others; his company had a stand at a careers fair – and on Sunday we went to the Harry Potter experience. Some tips, if you’re thinking of going: Wear comfortable shoes. Expect huge queues at the café half way through the tour (they really should manage this better). Don’t expect an interactive experience – it’s mostly passive. Apart from that, though, it was really interesting, and has made me want to watch the movies again to look at all the detailed stuff. This was the one weekend when none of the films was on tv, though.

Looking back, I am getting things done – I’ve also cleared out some clothes, and done quite a bit of gardening – but nothing has been finished, and finishing things is what I like best. But then some weeks are going to be just average.


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