Grass grows

It’s been one of those weeks of ongoing stuff. Stuff grows, just like grass does. For a start, it’s taken ages to get my grass under control – it was long and wet and that means it gets stuck in the pickup tube when I try to mow it. It took three goes to get it all done properly – and it’s grown more since Friday, when I ‘finished’ it.

On Monday I worked with a group in Andover. They’re a really nice bunch, and although I make them work really hard, they still keep inviting me back. I got home very late though – roadworks seem to be growing like grass at the moment, and there were a number of road closures.

On Tuesday I sorted some old clothes out and answered emails – two more things that never seem to stop. At least I had a really good session at the hospital on Wednesday. In the evening I went to a book launch at a local bookshop, and said something that makes me cringe when I think about it. You know what it’s like – someone says something and you reply humorously, and then discover that a death is involved. I couldn’t possibly have known, and it really wasn’t my fault, but still… After that I met most of the Artlift artists and the trustees for a meal, which was fun – it’s always good to meet up with them.

And on Thursday it was the anniversary of Pete’s death. I picked a rose from my garden and went down to the river and threw it in, which is what I usually do. He gave me so much. Most of the rest of the day was spent gardening.

I’ve written two poems this week, and I’ve entered a competition! I know I don’t have any chance of winning, but I’d have even less if I didn’t try.

More gardening on Friday. And I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week reworking a poem I wrote for a local company. They didn’t give me any guidelines when I wrote it, but now they keep coming back to say that I can’t mention this, and I need to take out references to that… A bit of information earlier would have made things much better. I’m wondering whether it will be like the grass, and I’ll never get it finished.

But there are always good things. I emptied one of my compost bins, and checked on my wildlife – and yes, the toad is still living in a bag of compost, and the slow-worm family is still in one of my other compost bins. So I can’t use these, obviously. And I picked my gooseberries – not many this year.

More gardening on Saturday, and emails, and Ledbury Poetry Festival stuff, and eBay listings; and on Sunday I went to a local food fair (they come round every year, too!) and worked on the Artlift book, which is taking ages.

With any luck, I’ll finish some things this week – but the grass will still need mowing.


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