A sudden rush

The year is half way through, all of a sudden, and that reflects this past week. On Monday I was offered a gig, right out of the blue – for Wednesday. A headliner had let them down, and I was quite happy to step in. Also, I suddenly realised that the blackcurrants had to be netted, before the birds ate them all, so I did that together with some more gardening, prepared my set, and went to a Ledbury Poetry Festival volunteers’ meeting. The Festival couldn’t run without its host of wonderful volunteers and it was good to meet some of them. Later I started preparing for a Poetry on Loan meeting.

On Tuesday I finished the PoL prep (there was a lot to be done), cleared out some clothes, and got up to date with all the emails. Hooray! In the evening I saw Toy story 4, which had excellent animations, of course, but was not as good as the first. After pirates, sorry, Pilates, on Wednesday I did some practice for my gig and went off to Birmingham. The evening is called Spoken Trend, and it’s run by the lovely Tom McCann. It was a small but very appreciative audience, and it all went well.

Thursday was he Poetry on Loan meeting, so back in Birmingham again. This wasn’t sudden – it’s been planned for moths – but the number of actions I was left with took me by surprise a bit.

And on Friday I had a whole day at home. It was such a beautiful day that I spent most of it gardening, but I did manage to handle some emails and all the snail mail, pay some PoL invoices and do some work on a Poetry Festival event I’m managing.

Saturday was life admin, really – but on Sunday we went to see Cirque du Soleil in the O2 in London. It was the very last performance of Toruk. The technical effects were stunning, really spectacular, but I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t see the feats of physical performance which I usually love about CdS shows. And the storyline was rubbish – but I don’t think anyone was there for the story.

And meanwhile some things have been confirmed, at quite short notice, which means that all of a sudden I have loads to do, or should I say even more to do than usual. Best get on…

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