Last week was all leading up to one thing, really – the Ledbury Poetry Festival. I don’t like music festivals much, but this is different.

But to start with, I did my end of month accounts, and had a hospital appointment. I’m going to have an operation, for the tiniest hernia ever known, but that won’t be for a while yet. And I did some gardening and diy, and caught up with the emails.

I was back in the hospital again on Tuesday, working; a really good session with two wonderful women. After some Poetry on Loan work, I went to see Apollo 11, a documentary with some unseen footage. If you’re as interested in the moon landings as I am, this is not to be missed.

On Wednesday I did some prep for one of the events I’m managing at Ledbury. I often manage some of the more complicated events, and this will be one of them, with quite a few participants. It all seems to be going well, so far. I did the hospital writeup, and some gardening, and lots of prep for something coming up. Oh, and I wrote a poem.

I had a big Poetry on Loan job to do, and I got it all finished on Thursday, together with the gardening and diy that seems to be needed every day. I’m reconstructing a window frame, and I’m trying to do it properly, which means a little bit every day.

And then it was Friday, Festival launch day. Weekly accounts first, and a bit more work on the window frame, and some prep for my own festival gig – and then a Festival Board meeting. The Festival is doing really, really well this year, with the highest ticket sales ever, even though we’ve got fewer events – but this year we’ve got a lot more poets and events that people want to come to; many are sold out already. The launch event had the lovely Roger McGough, who gave the perfect introductory talk, and I attended the first event too. I’d have liked to go to Roger’s event, but it was sold out, and Trustees have to take a back seat when there are ticket-buying customers. Back home to emails. Of course. Always there are emails.

I had to go back to Ledbury early on Saturday morning for the event managers’ meeting. A quick trip home, and back again, because I was managing Paradise Rocks, the new show by my friends the Indelicates. We spent a lot of the afternoon setting up, and in the evening they gave a big audience a brilliant show. The tunes are terrific, and the words very clever, with little quotes from Milton’s Paradise lost woven in throughout. I think everyone enjoyed it; I certainly did.

Sunday was quiet, with just a cycle ride into town and some work on the Artlift book, but today I’ll be back in Ledbury again. There’s nothing like a festival.


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