My next-door neighbour kindly trims the trees along the border between my garden and his. I’m left with heaps of foliage, some of which I can compost and some that has to go elsewhere. I’ve cleared up heaps of heaps this week, and picked and frozen heaps of blackcurrants, and answered heaps of emails.

In between, I’ve finished filling my window frame, had lunch with the members of my last Artlift group (who are still meeting), and had a TADS meeting, where we discussed possibilities for our next major production. Whichever one we choose, it will be exciting and adventurous.

I also saw All is true. It was good but a bit arty, all filmed with authentic candlelight.

I’ve done quite a bit of Poetry on Loan work, and had a really good session at the hospital; humbling. And I’ve written a poem.

And then it was the weekend. On Saturday I was managing a big event at The Ledbury Poetry Festival, with eight performers. Some turned up early and some at the last minute; some kept exactly to their timeslots and some overran, but it all went well, with a big audience, and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Sunday was my own event. I went to hear another poet read earlier; he was very good, and was kind enough to mention my event. It all went well, I think, and The Bloke filmed it, so it will be on Youtube when he’s edited it all together. Later I updated the TADS’ website.

And today there are heaps more emails waiting to be answered. Back to work!

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