Sorry there was no blog last week – I was on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords. It wasn’t completely a holiday; I ran some creative writing sessions which went very well indeed, and involved the creation (and hunting down) of a number of hitherto unknown species of troll.

During the previous week I picked all the blackcurrants and gooseberries growing in the garden, answered many, many emails, saw Yesterday (predictable but feelgood), finished reconstructing and painting a window frame, prepared for my cruise workshops, packed, did a lot of Poetry on Loan work, wrote two poems, tidied my office a bit (it has a floor!), had a quite excellent bonfire, and went to the air display at Fairford (good fun).

While I was away I wrote 6 poems and a third of a new play; as I said, it wasn’t meant to be just a holiday. But now, of course, the emails are stacked up again, and I’ve only reached last Monday’s – so, back to work…

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