Catching up

As always after a week away, there’s a lot to catch up on – mostly emails. I still haven’t caught up with these, but I plan to get very nearly there this evening.

But there’s the other stuff too, and I had a good session at the hospital on Tuesday, and on Wednesday emptied all my holiday bags and did my end-of-month accounting, which took a lot longer than usual. I did a lot of Poetry on Loan work as well, with the result that I could tell each of the library authorities exactly how much they had benefitted from PoL in financial terms. And I wrote a poem. On Thursday I wrote a report for the hospital work, ready for a meeting next week, and on Friday more PoL work and a trip to the physiotherapist, who has given me more foot-strengthening exercises. It does seem to be getting better, but very slowly.

I’ve done a lot of gardening this week; the stuff persists in growing, even when you’re away; most inconsiderate. But all my fruit trees are in trouble, and I don’t think I’ll have any plums or pears or greengages this year – shame!

On Saturday I wrote two poems, and I’ve done another one today, so it’s been a productive week, though I’m not sure if they’re any good.

I had a nice weekend, with a long bike ride and a bit of garage clearing. Only another three weeks’ work needed on that job before I catch up with the years of accumulated rubbish.

But I’ve had a good start on new things today, with a meeting to plan the next PoL training session and a TADS meeting.

Now, down to those emails …

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