When I don’t have too much work to do, I have more space for writing – and I’ve written several poems this week, including a possible slam poem. I’ll need to try it out somewhere safe first, though, before it gets any slam exposure, which means learning it…

After I’d caught up with the emails last week, and done a set list for a gig this week, and written up the minutes of the TADS meeting, I spent some time on my front door frame, which had paint peeling from it and looked awful. It’s not finished yet but already looks a lot better. And I cleared away four bags of stuff to go to the charity shop. And I picked some plums from my tree, and wrote the plan for the training session I’ll be running soon.

On Thursday I had a really good session at the hospital and washed my garage doors – a year’s worth of algae and muck all gone in about half an hour. I wish all jobs around the house gave such quick rewards.

Poetry on Loan stuff on Friday; I need to do a lot more today. It looks like I’ll be doing three days’ work in prisons, in association with PoL, in the next couple of months, which is always something I enjoy, so that was good news. And I’ve done some more work on the Artlift book, which, if all goes well, should go to the online publishers this week. It’s taken me ages, but then some things just need time.

But on Sunday I had some fun. One of my birthday presents to The Bloke was a session in an old slate quarry – zip wires and bridges and via ferrata. It was a long trip to North Wales but I really enjoyed it, even though I don’t like caves. In fact, I think that this may have cured my fear of caves. I might even write a poem about it…

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