In short…

I’ve got so much to catch up on that this is going to have to be quick. So:

I’ve planned and practised for gigs and picked and frozen plums;

I’ve had a meeting about my work at the hospital and a really good session there (these people are amazing – I was chatted up by an 81-year-old patient!);

I’ve mowed the grass, cut down brambles and paid Poetry on Loan invoices;

I’ve had a gig in Walsall, to a small but lovely audience;

I’ve set up my iZettle, which means I can take credit card payments when I sell my books – but I haven’t sold any;

I’ve written three poems and started my tax return and done the prep for a workshop this morning;

I’ve had an Internet problem, and got it sorted (one of the reasons why I’m so behind with everything!);

I’ve done some more work on the Artlift book, which still isn’t quite ready;

I’ve run a session with my lovely group in Hereford, and practised for a really big gig this week;

I’ve got fed up with starting lines with I’ve, so

…in short, that’s it.

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