First the good news…

An excellent week, right up to the end, when…

Anyway, on Monday I finished up by answering some email. On Tuesday I cleared enough stuff for three more bags to go to the charity shop, and started my tax return. In the evening I saw Once upon a time in Hollywood, which was very long, but excellent – well worth seeing.

On Wednesday I finished my tax return – hooray! – answered emails, mowed the lawns, and in the evening went out for dinner with The Son and The Daughter. Lovely restaurant and great company, although I ate too much. And during the night I wrote four poems. I don’t know if it was the food or the midweek wine that caused this, and I wish I could repeat the recipe.

I sent all the leftover Poetry on Loan postcards to the poets who wrote the poems, on Thursday, and excavated a trench around my doorstep. The doorstep was rotten and was replaced on Friday. Lots of emails, and then off to Bridgnorth for a big gig – two slots and about 50 minutes of poems altogether – and I managed the open mic too. It was a thoroughly good evening, and well done to the Bridgnorth Festival.

I’m sure I was busy on Friday but I don’t seem to have done much – accounts and emails, really. And on Saturday came the bad news – cystitis. I was ill for most of the Bank Holiday weekend, which put a bit of a damper on things, but I did manage to finish (finally!) the Artlift book, which will be sent to the online publisher later today.

I’m all better now, I think. I had to take The Cat to the vet this morning – she’d ripped off a claw, which must have been very painful, but she seems a lot better too, so – good news all round.

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