Battening down

I’ve looked at my diary, and things get really busy in September and October – although actually it doesn’t feel as if I’ve stopped being busy, really. In the summer, work in the house and garden takes the place of proper work, or part of it, anyway. But now I have to get some things finished off, and others ready, so I’m not faced with huge amounts of work all at once.

I caught up with emails on Tuesday. On Wednesday I had a very good session at the hospital, and some lovely feedback from other people I’ve written poems for there. And then I seemed to spend hours shopping – all stuff that was needed, but from lots of different places. I did some Poetry on Loan work; the postcards are on their way and some background stuff was needed.

On Thursday I did prep for some work I’ve got this Saturday and later on, and started the preparation for judging the Poetry on Loan poetry competition. And handled the snail mail.

And on Friday I really caught up with emails! I did a lot of work on the PoL competition over the weekend, and took the plunge and bought a new TV. I don’t watch it much, but The Daughter is at home at the moment and she does, and it seems sensible to have a TV that we can actually see.

And today I have a huge list of jobs to do. The storm of work is already on me…

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