A part of me is missing

Actually, I often feel that a part of me is missing, but this week it really is. The week started ok: emails; filling, sanding, painting the now-repaired doorframe; lots of Poetry on Loan work; end-of-month accounts. But by the evening, it was obvious that I had a gum infection, in a place where I have had three previous gum infections.

By Tuesday morning it was so painful that I couldn’t work. I got an emergency appointment with my lovely dentist, and, as I knew he would, he said I really needed to have the tooth out – he’s been telling me this for ages. He really is a good dentist, and did it all very well, but now I’m missing a big tooth. It seems to be healing well, and the pain was just about gone by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I sorted out the longlist of poems for the judges of the Poetry on Loan poetry competition, answered more emails, and prepared for a prison workshop I’ve got coming up.

On Wednesday, I checked some of the designs for the PoL poetry postcards – they are nearly all ready now, and went to an Artlift visioning meeting. Despite the unpromising title (visioning? really?) it seemed quite productive, and it’s always good to meet the other Artlift artists, some of whom I’ve known for years. In the evening I saw Pain and glory, which was very good.

I had an excellent session at the hospital on Thursday, and made a video of a poem that’s been included in an anthology. I don’t think I’ll be able to get to the launch, and they said that they’ll show videos of the poems. I think it’s ok. I did the hospital writeup, and some more prep.

Friday was the usual weekly finances, and prep for Saturday… when I was in Stafford. I ran a performance workshop for the lovely group of teenagers who were up for the Staffordshire Young Poet Laureate position, and then acted as one of the judges. As always, they were all good, but I think we’ve made the right decision. And over the weekend I proofread the whole Artlift book, all 122 pages of it; I should be able to get the final version to the online publishers today.

Quite a lot done, really – but I still feel that a part of me is missing…

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