I’ve been away, on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords. It rained. It rained a lot, and one day the weather was so bad that we had to stay in the port where we were, and miss out one of our intended ports of call. But still, I saw some lovely scenery and met some nice people, and ran four really good workshops, so generally I had a good time. I even started work on my new collection, and wrote a few poems.

Before leaving, I sorted out the Poetry on Loan competition shortlist – all the marks are now in, and the winner has been decided, but I can’t say yet who it is. I did some more PoL stuff, and went to a TADS meeting. It’s all a bit disappointing, really. We decided on our next full-length play, and we knew we had a good director and crew, and now we can’t get a licence to perform it. Back to the drawing board.

Before I went away, I was pretty well up-to-date with the emails, but of course hundreds more have arrived – it’s not always possible to get Internet access onboard ship, so I haven’t been able to deal with them. Also, the Artlift books have been delivered, and I need to get those distributed, and the supposedly frost-free freezer needs to be defrosted, and I have loads of prep to do for things happening soon …no more cruisin’ now; it’s back to reality.

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