Well, I’m not cleansed yet – that’s going to take much more than a week. But I’ve made a start. On Monday I wrote two poems, did lots of Poetry on Loan work, finished cutting down the butterfly plant and started clearing stuff. In the evening I went to a TADS workshop, although I didn’t feel too good, and got up-to-date with the emails.

I had an amazing session at the hospital on Tuesday; it’s days like that that really make me feel that my work is worthwhile. I tried to mow the back lawn, but the grass was long and wet and kept sticking in the mower pipe; it took ages, and I had to have the cut at the highest setting, so I’m going to have another go today. Note to my reader: never live in a house with a garden that is too big for you to manage. I wrote up the hospital stuff and did some final prep for a prison session…

…which was on Wednesday – all day in a prison in Shropshire. We had small groups of varying abilities, but they all wrote something, and I think they all enjoyed it. In the evening I caught up with emails and typed up all the pieces written.

On Thursday I did lots of clearing, and in the afternoon went to an Artlift team meeting in Gloucester. It’s always good to meet the other Artlift artists, but this was a business meeting and we didn’t get time to chat.

Friday? My weekly finances, and yes, more clearing. Bear in mind that this is just one room, and so far I’ve done about two-thirds of it; after that, I still have four more rooms in a similar state of chaos. And then I can start the painting and decorating.

Over the weekend I did yet more clearing, and some Poetry on Loan work, and wrote another poem (quite pleased with this one), and fought a brave battle against the rampant bramble. That’s about half done now, but I had to stop because the garden waste bin was full. And I made my Christmas cakes, and took a load of stuff to the tip.

But that’s enough of my rampant rambling; back to the cleansing process. I know I’ll feel good when it’s done…

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