London calling

I love going to London; it still gives me a buzz. Even a trip on the underground fills me with wonder that it all works – although someone I know who lives in London reminded me that quite often it doesn’t. But still.

Monday was mostly prep and emails, and a continuation of my attack on the rampant bramble. I know it will win, but I have to try. I went to a TADS meeting in the evening.

On Tuesday I had to see the doctor, but he was very reassuring and the cause for concern no longer worries me, so that was good. It was a bit of a medical day all round – next thing was a trip to my dentist, which is always good fun, and in the afternoon I had a great session at the hospital with an amazing woman. I wrote a poem in the evening.

On Wednesday I did the hospital writeup, and loads of shopping. I seem to be doing a lot of shopping at the moment; must be a bit disorganised. And on Thursday I went to London! I spent a bit of time shopping (again) in the afternoon, revisiting the places I knew well when I used to live in London. They have all changed beyond recognition, but that’s hardly surprising, because I last lived there in 1973. In the evening I went to a Lightning Seeds gig in the London Palladium, somewhere I’d never been before. The Son is a great Lightning Seeds fan, and I quite often go to gigs with him – although this time, he was with The Daughter-in-Law and they had VIP seats, so I wasn’t actually with him. It was an excellent gig.

All this meant that on Friday I had loads of emails to catch up on, and lots of Poetry on Loan work to do, and the TADS minutes to write, and that all continued into Saturday – but I also managed to clear two big bags of stuff from one of my lofts.

And on Sunday – I went all the way to Rye, to scatter my cousin’s ashes. Seventeen people were there, friends and relations, and it was good to meet everyone again. I had written a little poem for the occasion, and it seemed to go down well.

But I’m a bit tired today. This morning I worked with my lovely Hereford group, who do so well to keep meeting and writing, and had a phone call about an exciting new project…and now here we are, with another week, and no exciting trips lined up…I’ll just have to find another reason to go back to London soon.


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