We had floods this week, but then we often do where I live. I’ve felt a bit flooded too, although workwise it’s just been an ordinary week.

On Monday I caught up with emails, and went to see my friend Jonathan Davidson, who was talking in Ledbury about his new book. Very good session on Tuesday at the hospital; the people I meet there are so lovely, and so uplifting, but sometimes it makes me feel sad. I did the writeup, and in the evening went to a glass-fusing class. This was fun and interesting, and the results aren’t anywhere near as bad as I expected. I might even hang them up somewhere.

Wednesday and Thursday were emails, Poetry on Loan stuff, and a car service. A big one. Ouch. And of course the floods – but these subsided quite quickly.

By Saturday I was completely up-to-date with all my emails, and I’ve started clearing my office. So far I’ve done half of the top of the desk, but then I knew it would take a long time. I’ve written several poems this week, all of them, I think, better than the ones I found on my desk waiting to be typed up.

On Saturday I got some stuff down from the loft and managed to clear away two bags full to go to the charity shop, and another three bags that I’ll try to sell on eBay. And I finished my attack on the rampant bramble. I know it will grow back, but some things never go away, and it made me feel better to be out in the garden. In the evening there was more PoL stuff to do.

On Sunday The Son popped in for a while, which was fun, and The Daughter held the ladder for me while I went up in another loft (I have four) to investigate the leak that has made a hole in the ceiling. More floods. I can’t fix the leak properly, but I have a plan to subvert it

And now I’m cleaning the whole house. Work is quieter at the moment – deliberately, because I’m having a little operation on Thursday and what I do will be limited for a while. Next week’s blog will be even less interesting than this one – although several new projects are just bubbling up. I hope they become proper streams and rivers, although preferably not floods.


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