Out of operation

Not much to write this week! The first few days were taken up with preparations for my operation. Doing a big shop was sensible, so that I wouldn’t have any heavy lifting to do afterwards, but I also felt compelled to clean the entire house, and start clearing my office.

The operation itself went really smoothly. In at 8; first on the list; out of anaesthetic before 12; home by 2. No scar! It’s been a bit sore, but a flea bite compared to when I broke my heel, and the paracetamol and ibuprofen are keeping the pain under control.

Since then I’ve caught up with all my emails, done quite a bit of work on the Poetry on Loan finances, backed up my computer files and written four poems. And I’ve been out for walks; long, long walks, because I’m not allowed to run yet and walking seems to be good for me.

The most frustrating thing is that I’m also not allowed to drive. I’m not allowed to do anything physical. I’ve got hardly any work to do, and I’ll get that finished today. Is this what retirement would be like? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the aimlessness; I need a target, something to work towards. I was hoping to put on a one-act play in the spring, but even that’s fallen through now.

Enough wallowing! I’ll just have to find a way of doing things – like clearing my office – that don’t involve lifting or stretching. I’m not really out of operation; not yet.


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