Au revoir, arrivederci, etc.

It’s been a sad week for those of us who wanted to remain in the EU, but now I guess we just have to give up. I heard the exit poll while on location for filming, which sounds grand but wasn’t – I was a supporting artist, or extra, and it involved a lot of standing around in the cold. It was interesting to see how it all works, though, and I met some lovely people. I’m not going to tell anyone what the film is because I look awful!

Apart from that, on Monday I had a lovely time writing poems for people in John Lewis in Birmingham, with Spoz as my delightful companion. This was a Poetry on Loan gig; sometimes I’m lucky enough for people to ask me to do some actual delivery, as well as making it all work behind the scenes, and this was one of those occasions. Everyone was really pleased with their poems, and we didn’t really stop for over two hours.

Otherwise – emails (of course), PoL work, getting a Christmas tree, putting in a temporary repair for a leaky loft, writing poems… just the usual stuff. It’s been a quiet week, as well as a sad one. Goodbye, Europe; we’ll miss you.

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