The end

It’s the end of the year, and time to take stock of what I’ve been up to. I’ve had a lovely Christmas, thank you for asking, with The Son, The Daughter and The Son-in-Law; quiet, but good fun, with Playdoh modelling one of the highlights. As always, I felt bereft when they all went, and worse when I realised that the bad cold I developed meant that I couldn’t go to the party I’d been invited to on Friday. Never mind; all better now.

And now it’s time to do a round up of 2019.

It’s been an interesting year for me. I’ve:

  • performed at 13 gigs (mostly topping the bill);
  • written 165 poems, not counting the ones I write for other people;
  • directed Wyrd Sisters, with huge financial success for TADS – and some dramatic success, too;
  • started work on my third poetry collection (although I’m a long way off having it ready for publication);
  • had 3 poems accepted for publication in anthologies;
  • finished a new one-act play, which will be presented one day;
  • worked with an Artlift group in Cheltenham; a group of people suffering with chronic pain, in Hereford; two other writers’ groups; in a prison; in a school in Birmingham; and with people on two cruises;
  • done two instant poetry gigs;
  • worked for a day as a film extra;
  • got two years’ funding for Poetry on Loan, and written a big report for our last two years’ work;
  • produced a book of poems written during my work at Cheltenham Hospital, and another for my Artlift group;
  • handed over the Gloucestershire Poet Laureateship;
  • painted the front of my house;
  • done some gardening (but never enough);
  • finished makeovers of two rooms in my house, with a third just started;
  • run a lot;
  • seen 28 films in the cinema;
  • seen a Cirque du Soleil show, segwayed in Norway, snorkelled in the Red Sea, learned to make sushi, abseiled from the Brighton Eye, zip wired in a quarry, had a hernia operation, worn an ankle support nearly all year (almost better now), had a memorable ride on an observation wheel, seen Taiko drummers and the Lightning Seeds, been to the Bear Grylls adventure place, and visited the Fairford show, the RAF Cosford museum, and the Stanway fountain.


I’ve had three terrific holidays – Egypt, and two cruises to the Fjords.

But my cousin committed suicide, an old friend died, and my last remaining aunt left us.

I’m getting on with sorting my house out, although it’s a long, slow process – and now I need to sort myself out too.

And it’s time to finish the blog. I started writing my blog, in 2009, to show potential employers the range of things I was working on, but now that need has passed. I’ve never had many readers, and to be honest I don’t think my life is worth reading about – certainly not as much as many other people’s lives. So, from now on, I’ll just post occasionally when I feel have something special I want to say.

Thank you to my loyal reader! Have a wonderful 2020.

The end.

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