• Engaged to work with staff in a hospice near Hereford, encouraging them to use poetry with terminally-ill people, 2011.
  • Workshop for Warwick Words Festival, 2010: All you ever need to know about writing poetry.
  • Creative writing workshops with adult literacy students, 2008-2010, in association with Ledbury Poetry Festival.

• Writer in Residence with Oncology Inpatients, Cheltenham Hospital, spring 2008.
• Wrote poems and prose pieces based on experiences of the Gloucestershire floods, described by local people, for Cheltenham Literature Festival’s Ten Days project (autumn 2007).
• Writer in Residence with Oncology Outpatients, Cheltenham Hospital, as part of the Gloucestershire Art-Lift arts-in-health project, 2007.
• Performance workshop, Ledbury Poetry Festival, 2007.
• Four workshops to prepare library staff to promote contemporary poetry, 2007-2008.
• Gathered and wrote reminiscence material about the Gloucestershire floods for Gloucestershire Libraries and Archives, Sept 2007
• Reader in Residence with a group of carers, in association with Gloucestershire Libraries and a Dursley doctors’ surgery, spring 2006.
• Poet with Cheltenham Flats project, spring 2005; cross-disciplinary project with a visual artist and a new media artist.
• Reader in Residence, Booktrust Bookscapes, 2005-06, working with young mums-to-be to develop a creative response to reading.
• Writer in Residence for Dorset, October 2005 – June 2006. This included co-ordinating tutors, venues and publicity for six 10-week creative writing courses (one of which I am running) and six masterclasses for adults; running 6 full days of creative writing workshops for children; devising and creating a creative writing training pack for teachers.
• Poet in hospitals, Gloucestershire, October 2005 – working with stroke victims, and performing on wards with a saxophonist.
• Poet with Cheltenham Flats project, spring 2005; cross-disciplinary project with a visual artist and a new media artist.
• Creative writing workshops in Gloucester Prison, 2004.
• Professional reading group leader, Chipping Norton Theatre, 2003-2005.
• Writer with NEMLAC project – creative writing with adults with literacy difficulties, January – September 2004.
• Creative writing tutor for seniors, Chipping Norton Theatre, 2002-2004.
• Reading workshops in Gloucester Prison as part of Residency for Young People, 2002-3.
• Creative writing tutor with Smoking Cessation Group, Cirencester, October-November 2003.
• Reader in Residence for the BBC Big Read project in association with BookTrust, summer 2003.
• Instant poetry workshops at Worcester arts event, 2002.
• Resident poet working in local hospitals, Cheltenham Literature Festival outreach programme, 2002.
• Poetry workshops for parents and staff – schools in Swindon and nursery school in Bristol, 2001.

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