Disappointments and cake

I’m blogging early this week because I’m not going to be around on Monday – I’m doing something exciting, which I’ll write about next week. But this week has been one of disappointments, mixed in with some really good bits. And cake.

On Monday I decided to check my MOT, only to find that it had run out, so I booked the car in for Tuesday. It failed, and will need a new exhaust – only one section has gone but everyone recommends that when you change one bit, you change it all.

Also on Monday I did my end of month accounting, created the big lists I mentioned last week, weeded the drive and started some window frame maintenance. Rot. I mean, I found rot. This is no surprise in a house like mine, but it still gave me a sinking feeling, especially when I found that my wood hardener had dried up, so I had to go and get some more.

In the evening I had dinner with my fellow play adjudicator, and we decided on all the prizes for the GDA full-length play competition. Some of them were obvious, but we took ages over a couple (e.g. best costume. How do you choose a best costume award?) Now I have to keep them secret until September.

I’ve managed to go running (well, more like an elevated walk, really) twice. I find it so much easier when it’s warm; cold air isn’t good for my lungs at all. The first was Tuesday, when it was much too hot and humid for normal people; I come alive when it’s like this. I answered loads of emails, did my wood hardening, picked just a few of the enormous crop of plums and pears on my trees (nearly all fallen off, now, unfortunately), did two loads of washing (I love hanging out the washing – free energy to dry my clothes!), filled some window frames, and did lots of prison prep. And a man came to look at a repair I need for my roof. I first asked someone to do this about four years ago, but he never got round to it. This year I’ve contacted 5 people; one came to look, but never supplied a quote, and the others didn’t even bother. I’m beginning to think that people in the building trades must have too much work, unlike everyone else. Anyway, the chap came and looked, and said he would email me an estimate in a couple of days. I haven’t had one yet…

In the evening, The Bloke and I went to see Horrible Bosses, which was very, very funny. I don’t laugh out loud much, but this made me laugh a lot. It’s not a work of huge artistic merit, but if you just want a good time, go and see it.

Wednesday was yet more washing (I hadn’t done any for ages because I was so busy), and sanding and filling… and then I found that my nearly new tin of undercoat had gone off; it was almost solid, and grainy, and definitely unusable. Probably the bad winter weather. So I did some gardening, and then went to the hospital, where I met a couple of really lively, jolly ladies. Cancer patients are amazing. Then I did some undercoating, and more prison prep, and wrote the TADS minutes. And I re-sent an email to the prospective cast members of my new one-act play, asking if they liked it and would do it fairly soon.

A lot of the time, working in a prison can be really frustrating; it always takes much longer to get things done than in the real world, but this Thursday was one of those days when everything goes right. My group had written some great poems, and did more in our session; the newsletter was printed and ready to go out; I got security to read some poems I want to send out for publication and they passed nearly all of them… but the big notice board in the library that we use to display our work has been taken for another purpose. I want to show off what my guys do!

My journey home took a long time, because there had been an accident on the motorway. I almost felt irritated, until I thought of the poor people actually involved in the accident. I was much more disappointed when I got home to emails from my cast members, saying that they were too busy with work and other commitments to be in the play now, although they would like to do it in the future. Shame; I was looking forward to seeing it come alive, but I do understand. I did some ironing to cheer myself up (yes, honestly).

Today was writeups (hospital and prison), and loads of emails, more window frame painting,and gardening, and various bits of admin. And I made a cake for The Bloke; a harvest cake that requires lots of plums and pears – designed for my garden produce, really. Hmm I really think I ought to test it before I take it to him. If it isn’t any good, I would rather it was a disappointment for me than for him. Actually, it just looks and smells rather delicious, and I just fancy some…

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